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The Art of Ed Miracle

It has been said, 'An artist is not something you want to be, but something you have to be.

Miracle was born on the Mexican border within walking distance d the Rio Grande. The first born of a man forever in search of greener pastures, he spent his youth on the Pacific shores of California, open spaces of West Texas, mountains of Colorado, and lakes and swamps of Florida.

Miracle was inspired by a mother whose artistic talents included painting, sculpture and ceramics, as well as being accomplished on the piano, violin and guitar. Curious, independent and determined to experience everything, Miracle's opportunities for formal education were limited. He began his first job at age 12, working farms, ranches and petrol station across the southwest. He recalls with fondness the excitement of cattle being driven through town squares, cake dances and the peaceful quiet only found on land miles away from anywhere.

His world expanded greatly when at 17 years and 10 days, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, travelling to Hawaii, Singapore, Okinawa, and the Philippines. He celebrated his 18th birthday in Japan. The years following discharge found him married with two sons, and working construction, with his own successful business. Still driven, he and his wife, Pat, spent a year diving for treasure in the perilous waters off the Mexican coast. Through all of his adventures and endeavours the one constant in his life was his art and in 1963 he turned professional. A decision that cost him his marriage.

From the beginning, he pursued his craft with seriousness and determination, travelling in Europe and the Middle East researching and studying the Masters and great artists through the ages, and working in one of the most competitive and renowned art colonies in America, Laguna Beach, California. Struggling for the first few years, in less than a decade he was competing with the best, and succeeding where a lot of great artists failed.

During Ed Miracle's travels in Europe he received support from a patron in Folkestone. This forms the basis of the Martina Collection.

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